Wiping off the Dust (Again)

So I haven’t really been posting on the blog and all my Gunpla is still in boxes. I see a light at the end of the tunnel though. I will definitely finish all my kits I have and probally buy a couple more and then see where I go from there. I’m not even sure anyone still comes here or who really cares lol but I just wanted to put that out there. Most Definitely hit me up on Twitter @MrCapcomDS. I will start to blog more but atm I’m busy and I might take this blog in a slightly different direction soon as well. Mostly just all about everything I do in customizing etc. 


I will be Attending Otakon 2012 and ill make sure I upload photos this time 😀


Wiping off the Dust

So alot of things has happen in the last couple months. And I have been super busy. I just wanted to make this post to just let everyone know I’m not gone for good and I haven’t forgotten my youtube/blog. Gunpla is still alive in my heart 😀 I just realized I didn’t even get a chance to upload photos and stuff from Otakon either smh. Anywho I’ll update somethings on the blog soon enough but right now I’m so focused on more important things. I always post on Twitter so don’t forget to follow me @MrCapcomDS.

HGUC Kshatriya Conversion WIP3

I guess I can make this WIP3 just to show you guys how awesome of a job I did with this testors putty.
I’ll show you the stages and man this is pretty.

Went From This
To This
to This
To this!

Came out pretty good if you ask me. Now I just have to figure out how I can make it look like this:
I’m not sure if I want to do a reverse wash OR just Gloss coat it and hand paint the areas with enamel and if I mess up use the thinner to wipe it off. Decisions Decisions lol what do you guys think?

HGUC Kshatriya SAGE Conversion WIP 2

So with all of the priming and puttying I had to do I find it slightly easier to do WIP posts.
I orginally Brought this:
Testors Contour Putty

First time using it and its pretty amazing. I primed all the pieces and checked for problems.
Everything was pretty good just some inconsistence’s in the actual pieces that were easily fixed by sanding. And here are the problem pieces.

The Putty works really good so I ended up having a real nice time with it. I didn’t get a chance to use the epoxy putty so I might return it and get a different kind since the one I have,
suppose to have metal fillements in them that makes it hard to sand >_> Anywho I use this putty and just let it sit over night. Next day I sanded as you can see in the picture so I went from this:
to this
(The left piece I had to re do I messed it up lol)

Next I will prime the pieces again and if everything checks out hopefully by the weekend or Friday ill be able to start painting.

Supplies picked up and other Chatter

So I hit up Micheals and Walmart yesterday and picked up somethings

2 16GB Micro SD cards which I got for 20 each 🙂
Quicksteel and Testors Cement – Mainly for filling gaps etc in the resin kit
Ronsonol & Testos Enamel – Mainly for doing reverse washes
Primer – Love this primer its 6.99 but I use my 40% coupon at Micheals to bring it down more ^_^
Sand paper! – I just need a bunch of different grits for sanding

Thats about it I think ill start working on finishing cleaning the parts tonight. And if I have time ill prime everything and see what needs to be putty’d.
I know I told myself I was going to lay off the kits for awhile but man MG Epyon is looking too sexy.
Kinda makes me want to get one of the Wing Zero kits.
The New Wing Zero SD looks nice too
So I have to see if I’m going to go that route I also wanted SD Sinanju so my list is getting really big. Heres what I have so far

PG Strike
MG Epyon
MG Delta Plus
SD Sinanju
SD Wing Zero

There are a couple more HG/MG kits im looking at but not really sure if I want to buy them especially the HG’s because im kinda stay way from them.
HGUC 1/144 AMX-009 Dreissen – Unicorn Ver – Not liking some of the poses but the MS looks Awesome
MG 00 Quan[T] – I just know if I buy this they are going to release the one that can do the special move at the end of the movie
MG 00 raiser – Not really sold on the looks. My NG looks the same and there doesn’t seem to be that much detail to warranty a purchase IMO
RG Series – Not really feeling it at the moment if anything I would get the RG RX-78

Also I’m patiently awaiting for the next Gundam game

It will be awesome! June 23rd!

Trouble in MrCapcom Land

Yea its not that bad but a couple problems I see happening in the next couple months.

No Cosplay
Unfortunately I really haven’t had time to get my costume together for Otakon. So there is a high chance I won’t be able to cosplay as law for Otakon 😦 We will see though I still have a month and a couple weeks left to do it.

No Gundam Entry this Year at Otakon Sorta…
First of all everyone needs to realize there are 2 Gundam Competitions at Otakon. One is Otakon the second is BAKUC (hope i spelled it right) Basically the latter is Bandai’s competition. I was planning on entering Kshatriya in both bot problem is Rules for BAKUC says you can’t use conversion kits 😦 So thats cool and all but I can only enter 1 competition. So that means I will have to make another one and right now I’m not buying anymore kits till Otakon. Only thing I could use is my Sinanju and/or my Master Gundam. And while both are hot lets face it Sinanju is probally going to take awhile. Master Gundam is my next choice so I MIGHT build him but not to sure. This year I just had so much going on I really didnt have time to do the kits ahead of time. So I’m kinda rushing everything or at least putting alot on my plate. So ill do Kshatriya if I finish cool if I do’nt ill just use it somewhere else *kanye shrug*. For now im just going to have fun and build the kits if they get done in time for Otakon ill be happy but if not ill still be happy.

So its not that bad but I’m just hype to even go to Otakon this year and if I can’t do what I want to its cool still have some great stuff happening that weekend 🙂

HGUC Kshatriya Conversion WIP 1

So I started on this kit ^_^ And this is my first time doing a conversion kit. So I am super excited to do this. And hopefully it will come out awesome and ill end up buying at least 1 more Conversion.
So to start I have to soak the pieces there is tons of mold release on them. So I soak in the warm and soapy water. I been soaking them for the last two days because I been so busy. Every once in awhile ill go and shake up the container to get the bubbles up. When i’m finished hopefully everything is gone. If not ill go grab some degreaser (probally get some anyway though)

Darker areas are the mold release

After cleaning everything I noticed one of the pieces is going to need some major work. Here is the piece

So taking a look at it there is alot of spots on it that are messed up. here is what it suppose to look like:

So umm yea I need to figure out how to fix those holes (shoot me a email or comment if you have any suggestions)
I think first of all I probally will need to build just that back piece depending on how it goes onto the kit and just paint it as one piece and just go crazy with masking. Dunno yet but ill keep you posted.