>1 Gundam Seed:Gundam AstrayRed FrameModel Kit1/100 Scale#10 $19.74 1 Gundam 00: Gundam 00 /Double ZeroModel Kit1/100 Scale#11 $27.99 Subtotal: $47.73 Shipping: $8.82* Tax: $0.00

Total: $56.55

W00t now the waiting game. Hopefully when I go to Katsucon in 2 weeks they will have some gundam markers and ill check my local store for the spray paint. Im so psyched I think im going to panel line Red Astray and Spray Paint. I’m not sure at this point though. If anything when I do go to Katsucon I can hopefully find some Gundam Markers and maybe a couple more models. I’m looking for some 1/144 (since they will be cheaper) I’ll keep posting when I get the models in and I will posting like a photo n00b when Katsucon comes.


>2 weeks (or so) till Katsucon!


Zomg WTF BBQ!!!!
First off I think im going to contiue my list. And it seems as if everytime I spend time on the net my list gets bigger. I am on a tight budget so I need to make sure I don’t keep adding things lol
But I will post my list on here for two reasons for everyone to see (of course) and because I will be blogging when possible thru my Lg Dare the day of the event when I can. As of right now blogspot is being really stupid with sending pics through my Lg Dare so hopefully I will be able to post pictures. So ill have my 10mp kodak and my 3.2 mp Lg Dare which should make for some nice pictures. On to the list! Anime Blu Rays – Anything Cheap of course but I mainly want DieBuster/Gunbuster Bluray
  • Anime Figures – Main people im looking for are : NoNo, Haruhi Suzimiya, and Haro
  • Gundam Model Kits- Any 1/60 1/100 lots of 1/144 gundams nothing in particular anything from the SEED Series, Double 0 and G Gundam or Gundam Wing.
  • Gundam Markers! – All colors if I can get as much as I want cheaply
  • Gundam Action – Base Nuff Said!
  • Carrier Bag – My friend Vernon has a Jin Carrier bag its like 30 bucks I don’t know if I can get it but if I can I want it. If not the Jin (Samurai Champloo) bag there is a Field of Katanas Bag from Champloo that looks sweet too so we will see. Pics of the bags:

So thats about all I can think of for the time being. I will also be buying alot of Japanese snacks heres to hoping they have lots of pocky!

>Katsucon & Other Related Anime Stuff


So im cruising around the internet and I swing past Amazon.com and find this:

Nani? Die Buster 2 on blu ray? Omg only 28.99 I so want this. And on top of that I see that they have Gun Buster the movie on blu ray and a extended box set. So I think im going to try and grab those if not from Amazon at Katsucon this Feb. I only will be going for 1 day so hopefully I can get enough. I’m planning on going with 200 bucks for Gundam Models and Maybe the 2 GunBuster Blu Rays. So im thinking man Gundam Models I wonder if they have anything for GunBuster so I did a little googling and found these:
Ok So yea thats gonna add onto my list of things to look for @ Katsucon. Im also gonna give a list to my cousin so he can grip me up somethings seeing how hes going for all three days and hotel I’m just doing a road trip there for the day. Man looking at NoNo makes me want to post some vids on my youtube I think i will do that.

>Anime Selections

>Ok first of all I try to watch all types of anime. Of course I came in at a time where Akira and DBZ ran rampent every where. My main likes are anything involving robots,mechas w/e you want to call them. After that its more or less SciFi Fighting Super powers etc. and last but not least comedy. I’m open to other types though so don’t get me wrong. Here is a list of what im watching now:

Gundam 00 Season 1 (English Dub)
Gundam 00 Season 2 (Japanese/English Subtitles)
Gundam Seed Season 1 (Japanese/English Subtitles)
Naruto Manga

I’m trying to get back into Bleach but im back logged with anime lol. Gundam Seed I should be finishing up by next week maybe and starting on Seed Destiny with some friends. Double 0 English ends FEB 9th on Scifi Channel. I’m not sure when Double 0 Season 2 ends but we are on episode 15 so im thinking they won’t go past 24/25. Great series by the way. Naruto Manga omg is so hot ill blog about that later

>Future Projects

>I haven’t done that much with HTML editing in awhile. I mostly in Contribute here are work for the work website, so soon ill be getting back into the swing of things. As far as Gundam well here is a list of what im after:
Gundam 00 Exia 1/100

Gundam 00 Kyrios (or Arios when it comes out)

Gundam Seed Red Astray

Gundam Seed Blue Astray

Gundam Seed Sword Impulse Gundam

All Images were taking from Htttp://www.Dalong.net. Which is a great site by the way for just lining your Gundams and you can see what it looks like with out paint. Me personally I don’t have the time to paint them so most if not all my models will just be lined and probally make use of Gundam Markers.

>Out of the Vault


So I got a minute to take out my old Heavy Arms Custom 1/100 model and take some pictures. He’s kinda dusty been sitting at my moms house for I don’t know how long. I’m surprised it didn’t get crushed or anything. My Mom tells me there was a roof leak and while fixing the dust got on some of my stuff. I will probally clean him up and maybe detail him better. I did this when I was in my teens. Here are the pics: