>Brain Wracking

So I called up Gundam Store and More(GSAM) and turns out they are updating there website sometime between Thursday 2-26-09 to Wed of next week. So I’m going to try and hold off buying my kits this weekend only because they are suppose to be doing price matching and adding a buyers club. ^_^ So hopefully I can wait and get some new deals plus they get there new shipments every month so those new things will come up on the site as well alil around the 1st. And at least we can see what the results of the poll are going to be for my next to build model. That will also influence what I’m going to buy next. I already have my eye on the Master Grade Destiny Gundam. And its so great because

a) I love winged gundams
b) I love gundams with swords (Antiaircraft sword anyone?)
c) I will be my first Master Grade

So Destiny has a lot going for it. And I will be picking up my Gundam Markers and such that I posted before. So hopefully everything works out.
On another note Otakon is coming! July 17th-19th, 2009 and although thats like what 5 months and some change away gotta start planing as far as pre registration. We plan on going up the day and coming back since its so close which is cool with me. I gotta find out the logistics of everything probally later on tonite. I was really really trying to catch up on my models but I think I want to wait for my gundam markers to finish some details. I really want to get Astrea Type F completed as well.
That ends my blog for today I will have something special up by the weekend keep checking the blog 🙂


>Tuesday’s Blurb

>Man alot of votes up there that’s great. I already have Astrea Type F and Avalanche Exia. Still planning on how I’m going to attack those two kits. Hopefully if all goes well I will be ordering MG Destiny this weekend along with some other things, so looking forward to that. I need to do another over haul on the blog add some more links on the side etc so I think ill be knocking that out when I get some free time today. As far as kits go when (or if) I order Mg Destiny I want to do a full review. I never put together a MG kit before so I want to do a bunch of vids down to the frame work and painting as well. Seeing how everyone is voting for Destiny as my next build I’ll make sure I put alot of stuff out for you guys.
I plan on at least taking Astrea out and cleaning the nubb’s etc and preparing for its construction. I don’t think I’m going to paint it im just gonna make it super clean and paint the orbs if need be and do a nice panel line job hoping that it will look like this:
Thats actually the pose I want for it as well.
Avalanche Exia and MG Destiny are getting Partial paint jobs. What I mean by partial is that Exia I will paint all the blue parts and black but white and probally yellow will stay the same. On Mg Destiny I will only paint the Red/Blue parts and maybe the Black on the wings I’m not sure I like the regular black.
Which brings me to another question. I saw on GSAM(Gundam Store and More) a pack of “fine” Gundam Markers. I think I will buy a pack included with my big order for friday if I can. I’m still deciding on it though it would help abunch in those hard to reach areas.
I also have been pricing a Figma Haruhi I’m debating on buying it its only like 24 bucks. Not any time soon but it would make a nice addition to my collection plus I like the Figma stands 🙂 I’ll worry about that next month ^_^

>Monday’s Post – Moving Forward

>PhotobucketOk so now we got that mini review out the way… feel free to e-mail me any questions or anything. I will be taking some more shots high res later funny how my Lg Dare 3.2 MP camera takes better photos in the dark than my Kodak 10 MP. Well ill take more pics sometime tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully I will be getting somethings this weekend. Most of you guys/gals (girls come here?) voted on Destiny so if money permits I’m going to pick up SD Destiny and MG Destiny. I wanted SD Destiny because of the wings of light, but for some reason the MG got skipped for Wings of Light unless you buy the Extreme Burst Mode and its Extreme price tag. So I will be getting the regular not so extreme Master Grade Destiny and the SD Destiny with Wings of Light. Here is a list of what I hope to order this weekend

Master Grade Destiny Gundam
SD Destiny Gundam
Gundam Seed Markers
3 Clear Action Stands
IKEA Display Case

Gundam Store and More is doing a update the next couple days, and they suppose to be adding a buyers club or something. Hopefully if they do we will see some more discounts. If money permits I will have all these and I will probally do the SD one first only because its so easy to make them too me like 2 hours (kids were playing and watching around me) And when I do the MG I will make sure I take alot of pics and write up somethings to show you guys what MG is all about. First priority though is to grab the Display Case as everyone can see my printer is getting full lol and I need somewhere to put everything. GMarkers are next because I can’t touch anything up with out them. Action stands are next because hehe 00 looks so much better on a stand in flight. So hopefully I will have the cash and I can buy everything if not then ill get SD/Markers/1 or 2 Action Stands and the Ikea Display and ill grab MG Destiny next week.

>Gundam 00 SD Mini Review

First of all its a nice kit. Definitely worth the monies. It was so easy to build and he looks so hot being that small. GN Drives look great. I opted to color the jewel in his forehead clear red, it comes light or clear green with the words Gundam 00 in the middle, and a metallic red sticker. I used the red sticker and then painted the jewel clear red and it came out nicely. I kept the clear green and used the green metallic stickers for the insides of his head alone because I didn’t want them being too green. And that came out pretty nicely as well.
One piece of warning though the V fin the yellow part is a sticker it comes all white when u unpack it which is so stupid but I guess it helps with the cost. I tried adding like yellow highlighter on the runner and it didn’t look good. So I didn’t want to leave him neked so I grabbed the stickers and surprisingly it came out pretty good. I made sure I smoothed everything out so there wouldn’t be any bumps or anything. All in all there was stickers on the V Fin the vents in the chest the eyes the jewel and the side orbs. The only thing I didn’t like about the SD kit was the fact that the GN Daggers are all blue so I have to paint the dagger whenever I get some Gundam Markers and I don’t even know if the GMarkers will fit in those hard to reach areas. And the GN Sword/Gun was all grey I only had a problem with the blade being grey, but thats easy to spray over so I’ll take care of that later. But in the end I didn’t need those things to pose 00 since I got him in GN Shield mode, Which is in the picture above. Great kit though if you like SD’s definite buy.