>Ok I been really busy at work but let me give you guys a quick run down of whats going on. I got alot of stuff to do at work so I won’t be able to keep the website updated this week but ill try my best. First of all NYAF aka New York Anime Festival.

It was my frist time going it was really fun. Would I go back yes! Would I go for all three days? No. The Cosplay was kinda scarce but it could just have been me. I had alot of fun and brought somethings but this being my 3 Con I have been to I wasnt too impressed. I still rate them Otakon/Katsucon/NYAF. Just to let you guys know I am still going to Zenkaikon in Nov so ill let u know how that goes. As far as gunpla Here is what I got from NYC when I went.
God Gundam MG
Seravee 1/100
Reborn Button
Core Drill Necklace

I got God Gundam from Image Anime and I got the rest from the con. I had fun though don’t get me wrong. NYC was nice this was like my second time going. And I totally forgot about peeping china town (tt hongli’s) I will go back soon so hopefully I can just check out some other things in nyc.

As a Update as far as kits I am working on Strike Freedom MG right now just finished spraying some parts last night. I am working on him first because I am trying to enter a competition on Oct 10th. I had some pics but I left the camera so ill make sure I bring them to work tomm or ill try to upload them to the blog tonite. So after Freedom is done I have MG Ignition Mode Exia, Seravee, 0 Gundam HG, and God Gundam. Lots of kits. I don’t think I’m going to buy another kit until at least 3 of these are finished lol But hopefully I can get a good price on Force Impulse when I go to Zenkaikon. I wanted Reborn’s Gundam but they wanted 30 bucks for it at Image Anime and after I said my Nani’s I left with Mg God Gundam which looks so sweet.
Heres a couple pics of Image Anime for those who never been there, the store is kinda small..
High Priced Reborns Gundam

So for now thats all for the update I’m going to see if I can make some kinda picture gallery soon after I do all my kits but thats another wip. I will try to update this week but kinda busy till next update cya! oh and check my youtube for videos too I made a slideshow of the stuff at NYAF



>So its Offcial! I will be attending the New York Anime Festival!(http://www.newyorkanimefestival.com/) Unfortunately it will only be for 1 day but who cares! I’m going and I will have a little bit of pocket change to spend on anime stuff. I will say if I buy something it won’t be a Master Grade, sorry guys Force is gonna have to wait till Nov when I go to Zenkaikon or ill just order it. But I will be looking for HG’s and SD kits and other little Anime related things. I will try to tape the whole thing and hopefully get some good footage. I know ill be meeting a couple peeps from the gundam community hit me up if your on the east coast and going, we can chill talk gunpla eat some pocky!

So here is my “To Buy List”

HG 1/144 Reborn Gundam
HG 1/144 00 Raiser (Jizz in my pants version err I mean the designer kit any kit with the GN Sword 3)
HG 1/144 GN Archer (depending on price)
NG 1/100 Virtue
NG 1/100 Cherudim
Any Grade RX-78
2 1/144 Action Base’s
Cheap Resin kit dunno who
Anything Figma or Revoltech
Anything Eva or Code Geass Kit or Figure

So hopefully I can find something I will only grab the 1/100’s or maybe a MG if the price is super sweet. I’m going on sat so u know the rule of thumb for these conventions:
First Day Expensive Super Rare Items are easy to find.
Second Day Less Expensive Supre Rare Items slightly harder to find
Thrid Day Dirt Cheap Supre Rare items need GPS system and a clear view of the sky to be found.


>Ok so its out the bag my loving wife brought me the display case (check the youtube link to the right) and she got me ::drum roll::
Ignition mode looks super sexy I’m going to try and knock all my kits out soon as I hit 70k on xbox live if you can see my gamercard to the right I don’t have that much to go. I know the points mean nothing but its kinda fun and a couple of my friends and family grip points so its a inside thing I suppose.
I’m gonna try and knock out 0 Gundam this weekend and buy some top coat to spray on these guys and track down some Tamiya Chrome Silver spray paint as I am not using the testors paint anymore. Maybe if I sprayed it with top coat it will be better… well we will see. So hopefully this weekend I can knock at least 0 Gundam out.

I been watching the polls and man you guys really wnat me to get Force Impulse huh? Well that will be the next kit since you guys are voting on it. Zenkaikon is coming up in Nov and I might be going to NYC Anime Expo and maybe I can find a good deal there who knows.

Don’t forget about the chat box on the right you can leave me messages and I have my Omnia so im always connected to receive emails. Till next time ill see you later!

>Just wait

>Just a little bit longer ill have a special video and blog post on friday/sat

>Update for you guys

>OK first of all you all know I moved recently. So I am still unpacking etc. I havent even gotten my gunpla out of there boxes. I know they like omg he forgot us. I recently got a Mad Catz SFIV Arcade stick and I made a unboxing vid and a update last night on my phone and just upped to YouTube so check it out to the right. I might be venturing to New York this weekend with my Wife and I am going to mysteriously nudge us in the way of image anime hopefully ^_^ Or even china town I wouldnt mind buying some TT Hongli’s if I could find any. Well anyway I have a list of items I want if I happen to go to New York.

2 1/144 Stands (To do a Aerial Fight between Exia R2 and 0 Gundam)
1/60 Scale Freedom or Exia No Grade (there website says they sold out we will see!)
Depending on the Price maybe:
MG Force Impulse (Winning in the polls)
MG Wing Gundam
MG God Gundam
NG Virtue &or Cherudim

So if anything ill definitely buy the stands and at least one MG or NG.

In other news I’m seeing alot of info pop up on the net for PG 00 Raiser. And I’m kinda sorta thinking that might be my first PG. Astray is around 180 and I’m hoping 00 is around that price as well if so I might try to buy it. I also will be trying to grab some more paints to customize my arcade stick and some top coat for all my kits. I am planning on maybe really customizing one of my kits and trying to sell it mainly my 00 Raiser because I can use the money towards 00 Raiser PG we will see ^_^

Mad Katz Arcade Stick I am planning to spray it all metallic blue Tamiya of course! Add custom Art and add custom buttons. I will soon be selling the old buttons and a clear bubble ball for the joystick I can’t wait to mod this bad boy ^_^ Then I think I might do the dual pad mod so I can have it work with 360 or PS3 ^_^