>Where do I start?

>Well I kinda took a break off of everything. I have been playing my xbox just got to disc two of MagnaCarta 2 and man it so sweet. No Homo but I love Hyung-tae Kim, his artwork is so hot even from when he did the Art of the Wired. I gotta get around to buying some of his work to put in my basement and hopefully i can get some figures. Here is a couple pics

I really like the style of it still being anime but kinda still looking real. Anywho the game is so sweet and it keeps me on the game with the art style so much. Like i knew nothing of the game but when I heard Kim was on it I was like yo im gonna try to get as much GS in that game as I can. I love the game though im almost sad that when I beat it its gonna go into the pile of lost game memories lol but anywho pick it up its a nice action rpg.

Back onto the update I haven’t done any kits since I went to the competition at hobby town usa. They haven’t contacted me or anything either lol Hopefully I will be there tomm to order some paint. For some strange reason the prices of paint (sprays) went up so I been devising a plan to get some stuff in bulk. WIP stays the same but might grow a bit, which leads me to my next update,

ZENKAIKON 2009 I am going I will be getting my tickets next week and the following SAT ill be upping videos etc. So keep checking the blog and the vblog @ youtube for that. Other than that I think thats about it. Ill blog later with a want list for Zenkaikon each event I go to seems like I get more ways to find what I want with out taking away from the overall event. I might make a Convention Guide lol just for fun anywho thanks for reading stay tuned!


>Updates Galore

>Not Really but I personally think for anyone who might bump into my blog might be like hmm I wonder whats he doing or at least thats what I would think lol I’m really busy so I don’t have much time to do my MG’s I might attempt to do 0 Gundam just because its a easy build but I dunno. I also need to re-up on some paints, so we will see.

>HobbyTown USA Contest & Philadelphia Gaming Expo

>The competition at Hobby Town USA on Baltimore Pike, was really nice. Before I get into the details when I first got there, it was about 10 or so models there. All ranging from tanks/boats/planes/cars even a diaorama of like a pasture. Seeing how we was tryin to get down to the Gaming Expo, i told myself I would take pictures when we got back which they told me to get back @ 5. Long story short I got back and everyone already got judged and took there kits and left 😦 I won the Adult modeling side and a little girl one the 13 and under with her diaorama which looked niced. Here is a pic of my kit:
You can also take a peek of it in my youtube over to the right. It was a nice feeling winning because they had some really nice kits there. I also thought my kit was abit rushed in some areas that I will try to fix up but all in all it came out nice. And you can’t deny the hotness of Strike Freedom VS Destiny ^_^ On another note I wanna give a big thanks to Sopheaku for suggesting to put some tissue or paper towel in the wings to keep them up. At first I was like omg thats ghetto but I tried it and well u can see in the pic the wings are up!

So after we went to Hobby Town to drop off the kit, we (me and knowone) headed to the philly game expo. I’m gonna keep this really short, it phailed! lol nah it was cool but im not a big game buyer in the sense that I would buy old systems etc they had alot of vintage things and some cool things here or there. They had a free open arcade where I played some MvC2 and some different events I wasn’t that interested in. I did see a pair of Spidey Air Force ones I wanted but I wasn’t exactly big spender this time, plus im saving for Zenkaikon who was there and im so mad I didn’t have 20 buks to buy my ticket 😦 It was a nice thing to go to with 15 bucks to get in for 1 day but I definitely wouldn’t have gone more than just 1 day. If your in philly when they come again check it out but don’t expect it to be the best thing in the world. After checking that out we hit china town and was surprised that we couldnt find any gundams or anything anime related there 😦 I found some knock off SD kits but they werent worth it.
Well here is some more random pictures and dont’ forget to hitup my youtube page!
knock off yugioh toy
Sweet Sneaker Shop posing as a chinese store I give mad props to them for creatviity <- bad spelling
Kitt @ the gaming exp
Spidey and Goblin Model kits @ hobby town if anything I think ill buy the iron man version its like 30 bucks 🙂

>Ok So

>I didn’t notice how much I said that in my roughtly 16 Building Strike Freedom Videos. Anywho thats it. Hope you guys learned something form me building it. I think ill upload 3 more videos 1 with the finished guns and another one with a full 360 view of the kit and a quick review/mythoughts on the kit and then ill be on to my other kits.

I set the poll above so long ago but I think I set it with the mindframe I was buying gunpla at Zenkaikon in Nov. If they have gunpla ill try to buy the MG Force Impulse if it wins. I still have a big WIP ahead of me so I will slow down on buying kits. I do however would like a EVA kit so if they have one of those ill grab one too 🙂

For w/e reason hobby town upped the prices for there Tamiya paints so unless I can find a good online distro ill have to figure out what im going to do. They went from 3 bucks a can to 6 bucks which is outrageous considering I brought the Fusion can for 6 bucks and it was almost twice the size. I gotta google Krylon Fusion and see if I can look at what colors they offer. The black on Strike Freedom came out excellent.

Heres a Updated list of Kits I want and my current WIP:

1/144 0 Gundam
MG Ignition Mode Exia
MG God Gundam
NG 1/100 Seravee Gundam

Eva Unit 01 Type F
Eva Unit 2 & 0 (blue or yellow)
MG Force Impulse
MG Hyaku Shiki (Gold Plated Version, Maybe)
1/144 Dygengar Kotobukiya

Thats all I can think of for the time being 2010 almost around the corner, will be waiting for Gundam Unicorn, and 00 movie to come out. Hopefully some new kits will arise around then.


>Ok so bascially Strike Freedom is done I just need to finish the twin guns and he will be complete. And ill do a full review. I got some pictures I think ill hold off uploading until I finish the kit completely. Once I finish the kit its on to making a good pose but I got until Sat to do that I will try to use two of my green action bases. And I need to panel line Destiny to make him look a bit better. Right now im editing the videos for how I did everything for Strike Freedom. Unfortunely I didnt time myself while I was recording so I have to cut some videos so you might see like a video 3a and 3b since the youtube limit is 11 minutes. But for my second MG it looks really nice. Heres a teaser pic

>EVA Kit!!!

>Ok so after seeing my good friend KnowOne(http://www.youtube.com/user/KnowOne) make his Eva kit which is still in process of being built I started taking some interest in EVA kits. I always loved eva heck I named my first born after Rei. So I was going to get Eva 01 Type F or as I call him or I guess her…. anywho I was gonna get the revoltech one from AYAF but it was either that which kinda stood @ I guess a 1/144 or the 1/100 Seravee. We all know what I choose lol but I was looking around and saw this at GSAM.

Pic is kinda small but I just saw a review of it and man that thing is kinda big, bigger than I thought it would be. In hind sight I love the kit but im not too sure how im going to do it because the colors are kinda specific. So im on the fence on getting it, but man I would love to get this kit. Its going in my next poll I am looking for dygengar as well but who knows. I want to try some different kits besides Bandai. Well just a couple thoughts, I leave work soon so when I get home I can hopefully finish the robot part of Strike Freedom and the wings on the weekend


>I got alot of kits on my hands. And if money permits ill be going to Zenkaikon in Nov. I know first of all next on my list is Force Impulse. After having now what 3 MG’s not including Destiny I think I might strictly stay with MG kits. I will buy the occasional HG and NG here or there. As I was thinking about that I was trying to go through Dalong’s MG list and see what I may want. And one kit stood out:

Unicorn and Hyaku Shiki. I’m kinda afraid of buying Unicorn for the simple fact the anime suppose to be coming out around 2010 and well who knows what they gonna put out around that time, look at how many Variations of 00 they have. Hyaku I want the gold version but hopefully I can get it at a good price. Well thats along time for me to even consider these kits but just thoughts.

I really hate when people read or hear me talk about something and think like oh yea thats what I’m goign to do with out even thinking about my current situation, im more or less making a verbal todo list that may or maynot be filled lol. But I figured I would blog randomly about my future in gunpla lol.