>Ok so I told myself that I wouldtn buy SD kits no more but this looks so hot



>Couldnt come up with a name for the update today lol.
To kick things off I did finish my 1/100 Seravee and Serphim!
He came out really nice I will do a full review of the kit tonite (hopefully)
Next on my list I suppose is Exia or God Gundam. We will see which one I build.
Its raining pretty bad here so I dunno if im going to be able to spray anything.
I organized my Detolf and put the rest of my kits in there and it looks quite nice. I might take a vid of that tonite as well.

Can’t wait for Katsucon I think I’m going to buy 1 Kit if anything. The winner so far (last time I checked) seemed to be HG Reborn Gundam. But if they have a MG of RX-78 or Gundam Unicorn (OVA one) I might pick that up but I doubt I would find Unicorn OVA and it might be really slim finding RX-78. But we will see! I also have been wanting a Gurren Lagan Revoltech and maybe Eva Model Kit or Revoltech so ill be looking for those as well.

Stay tuned for more videos 2 Kits left !! I been trying to pick and choose wisely which kits I get. I made a couple decisions 1 is that I don’t think im going to be buying SD kits anymore. If anything I might get that Strike Freedom/Exia R2 bundle. I already have SD Destiny so of course I would want SD Strike Freedom. And Exia would look nice with my Mg Exia :-)So I’m doing all MG’s and HG kits if the gundam doesnt come in MG. And I may get NG’s too depending on if I like it.

I’m thinking these are some nice kits:
Any RX-78 (I’m liking OYW but I dunno just yet)
Mg Unicorn OVA
Mg Sinanju
Mg Force Impulse
Ng Cherudim (need to finish my Second Season 00 Kits)
HG Reborns
HG 1/144 00 Gundam (to fight Reborn Gundam lol… maybe)

Off the top of my head thats all I can think of atm.
Well thats about it for my update hopefully if time permits ill have several videos up tonite 1 update Finishing review of Seravee and maybe some other random video.(Have a idea for a on going video review)

>Its Official!

>I have been under a rock!
Why haven’t I seen this before

>Yet Another Update

>Ok so didnt do much with my kits yesterday… BUT

I did grip
Blue Krylon Fusion Can (4 bucks @ AC Moore /w Coupon)
Found out I didn’t win the national Modeling Contest >_>
(I don’t care care still one first place locally!)
Dark Grey Tamiya Paint and Gold Leaf Tamiya Paint

And thats about it 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to finish up Serphim
and I will put up pictures and videos stay tuned!

>Seravee Update

>So I had today off work for Mr Luther King Day, and I said let me at least complete Seravee even if I didn’t get to Serphim so here you go a quick two pic’s from diff angles:

As soon as I get the videos all converted I have like 4 videos to upload 2 for seravee and 2 on reviews of the Motorola Droid that I just got over my vacation. Stay Tuned!

I also am proud to note I am almost finished with my season 2 00 Gundams lol I just need seraphim built and I need to buy Cherudim. And I also want reborn and a 1/144 00 which I might wait for seeing how they have the 7 sword 00 coming out, but we will see 🙂

>Swizzle Sticks

>So before I left for work I sprayed the Seravee parts mentioned in my video @ youtube.
It had a small amount of build up im hoping will change once it drys. No pictures yet but I will try to throw up some pics later on tonite. Hopefully it comes out good >_<

I dunno if I told you guys but I sold my Samsung Omnia i910 and brought the Motorola DROID. Running Googles Android OS and I have to say its a very impressive phone. I will do a quick written review later on today and hopefully a video review, since I use my phone to do most of my videos lol. But great phone get it if you can. I personally don’t want the Nexus 1 for 2 reasons 1 It has no Keyboard and 2 its too new. Yea being too new isnt that much of a problme but because of the new Snapdragon processor I want to wait and see how well it performs and does, before I jump on the snapdragon bandwagon.


Till next update peace

>Update for real this time

>Ok I just made a quick decision… I will be going to Katsucon this Feb. I won’t be so focused on buying things but I will have some change to buy a couple things while im there.

Gundam Update
Most definitely sometime this week I will be getting things together for Seravee so ill keep the blog updated.

I just been seriously bogged down with work and family things so hopefully I will put up some new reviews etc! Stay tuned!