>And Ill form the leg… left one only

>I know its not much and my camera is being really stupid with focusing but finished a leg
I want to note that there is tons of detail on this guys inner frame two pistons on the knee joints and a bunch of like cord type things
in the back where the exhust suppose to be i think on the back of the leg nice detail and you can see the differences between a MG and lets say a NG
kit of the same kind… even though they don’t have a NG …. or do they? lol


>MG G Gundam Pt 1

>G Gundam Progress
Painting the red parts:
My Wife let me take some hair pens ^_^
More Spray paint on my spraying table thingy
I broke the piece on the left hand but nobody will ever know! lol its so tight in there it won’t fall out… hopefully its the wrist part but w/e
some glue will help if its a problem

Ok so moving along pretty good. I am taking this kit a bit differently in the sense that I am spraying and still assembling pieces. Which i dunno if thats what other people do but im doing it now lol. So far so good really liking this kit and the screws in the kit kinda make it unique i kinda wish all MG’s had them but meh so far really solid seems abit smaller than I thought it would be but i think all kids feel that way till I finish them well back to work!

>Bare With me

>I’m gonna be mad busy this week sorry for like dropping what like 14 Videos up on youtube lol but hopefully it will keep you busy for the mean time.
Oh Yea and:

99 Peaches + Haruhi = Crazy Delicious

>Get em

>I just counted 9 VIdeos waiting to be copies/converted for youtube. I am taking this week off to do somethings so vlog wise (youtube) I will still be answering my emails/comments etc and posting on the blog but review wise I won’t be able to make any more videos till after Thursday. I will have a bunch of stuff to say and update to so stay tuned!

>ZOMG WTF BBQ Katsucon

>Just called my job to see if I was off (haha cause of the snow I had the last 2 days off) and unfortunaely I have to work tommorrow 😦 womp womp womp

What does that mean? Well I just can’t go to Katsucon early, but ill be there Saturday w00t, all is not lost. The poll is closed and it seemd like HG Reborns Gundam and Cherudim one for top 2. So depending on money ill grab both of those or ill just get one MG not sure which one I want just yet but ill have my list ready, by Friday night.

>Monday Update

>I Just uploaded some videos to youtube 🙂
Seravee (Final Review)
Rap Contest
Update on my next kit (still uploading)

I had alot of stuff come up and hopefully they don’t impact me going to Katsucon and Otakon 😦 It seems like it will but im gonna keep looking for the silver lining.

I tried looking for Xan the other day and ebay has them for like 70-100 bucks… WTH?
Yea so my dreams of getting Xan is crushed unless they do a release which is what I think I read on Ngee’s Website. Hes so cool looking too I didnt notice he has like 2-3 Kunai’s on his waste and the little shouler protector thing and a sick sword. Dag oh well. Hopefully i can find him or even a regular King Gainer I kinda like the way it looks. I gotta see if I can reencode the anime on my Droid and try to watch the anime again. The OP is hilarious!

Other than that nothing really going on still watching my anime reading my mangas. Hopefully I can get started on God Gundam in the next 2 weeks, might be sooner but I have somethings I need to take care of and hopefully i can hit up Katsucon.


>I’m really starting to like some Revoltech Figures
Just saw this over at Ngee

Everyone knows im a sucker for swords and mecha lol. So far I want the Eva 01 Type F, Xan (pictured above), and Gurren Lagann Revoltech (non drillized). They coming up I never really wanted those figures but they kinda nice.