So I just got my wordpress setup and ported my blog. Gonna take sometime to design it the way I want and get all my little widgets or w/e you call them on the side. All in all it was worth the move. Seems like WordPress has more things I can do and better options.
Bit easier to manipulate the code as well so hopefully  in the coming days I can get this up
to awesome 🙂


>Hey Guys

>Ok that was a nice little break I feel myself slipping into procrastination mode and I’m going to be breaking out of it ASAP.

New Reviews are in the works I just have to record and upload sometime this week all HD. Unboxing for Kshatriya and my finished Arcade Stick.

Cool stuff in FEB

Its Coming out ever so quicker. They just released that Hsien Ko and Sentinel are going to be in the game. Which makes me want it even more. I still don’t think they are done with characters maybe 2 more but I remember seeing a tweet from Capcom saying they was playing the game and show pictures of finished box and pressed discs. So not to sure what else they gonna have but DLC would be super awesome.

I soooo wasn’t going to buy this game because im not exactly a big fan of FPS games. But after playing the demo its really good so I want to pick that up FEB.

Saving the best for last: Katsucon
I definitely want to buy MG Unicorn and thats most likely it unless I can’t find it and see another MG I might want maybe. I’ll make sure to take lots of photos and just have fun I can’t wait!!

Kit wise I think I want to start work on soaking Kshatriya’s Conversion parts. I also want to make a order to Samuel Decal and get some decals for my 1/60 Force Impulse and a couple other kits I have. Buy some Spray paint and tools to get ready to start building the new kits as well. I might not be doing that much building wise but i’ll be preparing so hopefully I can but if I don’t you will know why. Oh and if anything ill start on HG RX-0 Destroy Mode should be a quick fun build 🙂

Other news in March I am halting all spending (if possible) to put all my resources in buying a passport ^_^ I’m going to Japan 🙂 Not this year only because I got tons of stuff I have to do here first and it was kinda just decided last month that I was going. So im trying early next year around March area.

>Update of Things

>First of all I probably won’t be updating the blog the next couple days. I
had a death in the family and I have to tend to the family so I’m going to put
pretty much everything on hold till thats taken care of.

Just a quick Run down of my Works in progress when I come back:

HG Unicorn Destroy Mode :
Next Kit I’m thinking of doing. I need a couple supplies first. Which Include
the new Micron Fine Point Marker set. I only want it for its .005 Red Pen that I will
use to do the panel linig. I need to examine and plan how I’m going to paint the Unicorn stand as well.

Kotobukiya RockMan
I will build this guy sometime in the very very near futre I think I really want to maybe try hiding seem lines with him dunno just yet but its a pretty straight forward build.

MG Master Gundam
Not much special going on here just need to build and paint maybe ill do him after Unicorn Destroy Mode.

1/60 Force Impulse Real Detail
This Kit I was going to just build to have a 1/60 kit but everyone on the net who has one pretty much just does the kit. So I want to add a bit more detail and experiment with somethings. I want to test Scribing the most ^_^ And I also want to add decals from Samuel Decal.

HG Kshatriya & Conversion Kit
This I think ill slowly work on. I need to buy the spray paint for the color scheme. I’m going with a dark green/light green/Black kinda like whats on the box. I want to order some decals from Samuel Decal as well and when I do that I plan on ordering a bunch of decals so thats gona be a 30 dollar order probally.

MG Sinanju
I have to take a look of whats in the box but this will be a pretty easy build. I don’t really want to do much to it but the regular extra details, decals and such. I wanted to buy the Conversion kit but It really didn’t have much of anything worth buying in the Conversion so I’m skiping it lol. I will take a couple looks at some other Sinanjus for inspriation but not much to add to a already awesome kit

I really want to knock this one out but I’m determined to fine the Evolve Conversion kit lol so I will put that on the back burner till I can find one or finish the other kits.

With Katsucon Coming up I only see myself buying MG Unicorn with or without cage depending on price. I don’t really see anything but cool factor with the cage. I want the cage but kinda on the fence. I know I will buy one version so kinda up for grabs i suppose. I’m trying not to buy any more HG’s or SD’s but man its kinda hard Vektar’s SD 0 Gundam got me drooling lol and that SD Sinanju looks really good and not to even mention the SD Unicorn. Nothing else reall catches my eye model kit wise. I will say I’m looking forward to this non gundam related item :

I think thats about it thanks for reading I would have loved to add more than just text to this post but I am really busy. Thanks for reading if you did though lol See you back on Mon 24th.

>SlideShow & Impresions

>Just a quick slide show of the whole thing put together:

It came out extremly well and I’m so happy I had it done before MvC3 came out. I couldn’t install the new joystick becaue the plate on the old one wouldn’t come off and I ended up stripping the screws. So I think ill buy a new plate if I can find one and install the other stick later.

I really had fun putting it together from designing the artwork in Photoshop to assembling it all. I think if I can find another SE stick I most definitely buy it or look for a TE stick. Seems like the TE sticks have a kinda plexiglass thing on top of the artwork and you just unscrew that and its easier to switch artwork back and forth. ^_^ Can’t wait for MvC3 now

>Custom madkatz arcade stick done


Too tired to post anything but pics lol

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>Decal SET!


Yay! I don’t read japanese (yet) but I’m sure neither one says start and back or headphone jack lol

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>Madkat custom


The previous titles were too long to remember lol. And most of the time I’m updating from my Droid X and im just mobile. Anywho here its the custom art applied. Now I just have to reconnect everything and place the decals.

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