SD Unicorn GET!


So that was fast most definitely will order from robots for less again 🙂


Sorry Guys

Sorry for the tumble weeds going around the blog lately. I’ll say this right off the bat if you want to stay up to date or just laugh on my little sayings here and there lol add me on Twitter @MrCapcomDS I update that alot.

As for the blog I just have been extremely busy I got back from Katsucon last weekend was fun. I made a quick review and showed somethings I brought. Hit up the video on my channel to take a look.

I’m still awaiting supplies to come in so I can get started on my next project(s). I need to take a quick rest from the world as it were and just play out the rest of this week. So next week I will be recharged and start on Rockman so stay tuned for WIP.

I will also try to do some changes in the blog as well, just soooo unmotivated on so many fronts >_>

Quick Update

MvC3 ZOMG OMG ZOMG yea its that serious
Here are some pics :

It came with
Jill/Shuma Gorath DLC Code (Can’t use till March 15th LAME!)
Steelbook Case
Game (Of Course!)
Comic Book
1 Mo of Marvel Comics Online (Won’t Use!)
Vinyl Stickers which I didnt get form Gamestop gotta call them >_<

Game is super fun hit me up GT MrCapcom if you want to play. Uploading a Video of the Unboxing of it to youtube shortly 🙂

Next up is the new items on my Radar:
Yes at first I was saying I kinda didn’t want it but I do now. So thats next on my Radar and they saying a MegamanZero should be coming
out soon:
Not enough megaman stuff lol I also want to get the D Arts megman as well lots of Mega Love in this coming year.

As Katsucon Approaches I think to get ready and take care of some other things I won’t be updating the blog as much. But stay tuned around Monday for Videos/Pics.
Hopefully when I get there I plan on picking up SD Unicorn and MG Unicorn for my next couple projects. Been really busy with work and RL so if you really want up to date
info on my thoughts and what I’m doing etc just hit me up on Twitter @MrCapcomDS . Till Monday Peace out!!

Halo Reach Legendary

So I come home Friday and I was greeted with this from my wife:
Awww thanks baby!

I recently saw gamestop had a deal on the legendary version of the game that knocked it down from a whomping 150 bucks to 59.99 and one of the Gamestop Reps told me that they had a deal where if you traded in your Halo Reach you would knock the price down even lower. I told my wife I had plans on getting it but was just too busy so she broke into my game stash and brought it for me with out me knowing 🙂

The real reason why I wanted this was for the flaming head and the statue that comes with it. I just wasn’t justifying 150 on it when it was released so I passed.

I made a unboxing video and a review of the statue so hit up my youtube page and check it out. Heres some more pictures :

Settling in on new site

OK so far I’m diggin wordpress. Some might ask why did I move the blog? Well Worpress seems alittle more professional looking and I like all the options I have with posting. And I noticed they had a offcial wordpress app in the Android Market so that helped out too. I made MrCapcomDS.Blogspot auto redirect to this page so hopefully everyone gets the change. And I will go around changing the links that I have in places as well.

Hopefully I will be back up and running 100% by the end of like next week or so but this is good enough. In two weeks we have Katsucon and I’m really excited. So I will have a place to post my live pictures while im there and I will be posting on here when I get back.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is coming out the same week and I will have videos of the tournament im hosting as well as bunches of gameplay all in 1080p goodness.

Hopefully everything will work out in the end with updating to wordpress and I can stretch my coding fingers out a bit messing around with the CSS/HTML. I also want to buy a domain but we will see how that goes.

Welcome to the new website and stay tuned!
Oh and Don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter @MrCapcomDS