Supplies picked up and other Chatter

So I hit up Micheals and Walmart yesterday and picked up somethings

2 16GB Micro SD cards which I got for 20 each 🙂
Quicksteel and Testors Cement – Mainly for filling gaps etc in the resin kit
Ronsonol & Testos Enamel – Mainly for doing reverse washes
Primer – Love this primer its 6.99 but I use my 40% coupon at Micheals to bring it down more ^_^
Sand paper! – I just need a bunch of different grits for sanding

Thats about it I think ill start working on finishing cleaning the parts tonight. And if I have time ill prime everything and see what needs to be putty’d.
I know I told myself I was going to lay off the kits for awhile but man MG Epyon is looking too sexy.
Kinda makes me want to get one of the Wing Zero kits.
The New Wing Zero SD looks nice too
So I have to see if I’m going to go that route I also wanted SD Sinanju so my list is getting really big. Heres what I have so far

PG Strike
MG Epyon
MG Delta Plus
SD Sinanju
SD Wing Zero

There are a couple more HG/MG kits im looking at but not really sure if I want to buy them especially the HG’s because im kinda stay way from them.
HGUC 1/144 AMX-009 Dreissen – Unicorn Ver – Not liking some of the poses but the MS looks Awesome
MG 00 Quan[T] – I just know if I buy this they are going to release the one that can do the special move at the end of the movie
MG 00 raiser – Not really sold on the looks. My NG looks the same and there doesn’t seem to be that much detail to warranty a purchase IMO
RG Series – Not really feeling it at the moment if anything I would get the RG RX-78

Also I’m patiently awaiting for the next Gundam game

It will be awesome! June 23rd!


Trouble in MrCapcom Land

Yea its not that bad but a couple problems I see happening in the next couple months.

No Cosplay
Unfortunately I really haven’t had time to get my costume together for Otakon. So there is a high chance I won’t be able to cosplay as law for Otakon 😦 We will see though I still have a month and a couple weeks left to do it.

No Gundam Entry this Year at Otakon Sorta…
First of all everyone needs to realize there are 2 Gundam Competitions at Otakon. One is Otakon the second is BAKUC (hope i spelled it right) Basically the latter is Bandai’s competition. I was planning on entering Kshatriya in both bot problem is Rules for BAKUC says you can’t use conversion kits 😦 So thats cool and all but I can only enter 1 competition. So that means I will have to make another one and right now I’m not buying anymore kits till Otakon. Only thing I could use is my Sinanju and/or my Master Gundam. And while both are hot lets face it Sinanju is probally going to take awhile. Master Gundam is my next choice so I MIGHT build him but not to sure. This year I just had so much going on I really didnt have time to do the kits ahead of time. So I’m kinda rushing everything or at least putting alot on my plate. So ill do Kshatriya if I finish cool if I do’nt ill just use it somewhere else *kanye shrug*. For now im just going to have fun and build the kits if they get done in time for Otakon ill be happy but if not ill still be happy.

So its not that bad but I’m just hype to even go to Otakon this year and if I can’t do what I want to its cool still have some great stuff happening that weekend 🙂

HGUC Kshatriya Conversion WIP 1

So I started on this kit ^_^ And this is my first time doing a conversion kit. So I am super excited to do this. And hopefully it will come out awesome and ill end up buying at least 1 more Conversion.
So to start I have to soak the pieces there is tons of mold release on them. So I soak in the warm and soapy water. I been soaking them for the last two days because I been so busy. Every once in awhile ill go and shake up the container to get the bubbles up. When i’m finished hopefully everything is gone. If not ill go grab some degreaser (probally get some anyway though)

Darker areas are the mold release

After cleaning everything I noticed one of the pieces is going to need some major work. Here is the piece

So taking a look at it there is alot of spots on it that are messed up. here is what it suppose to look like:

So umm yea I need to figure out how to fix those holes (shoot me a email or comment if you have any suggestions)
I think first of all I probally will need to build just that back piece depending on how it goes onto the kit and just paint it as one piece and just go crazy with masking. Dunno yet but ill keep you posted.


I made a couple videos that aren’t coming up that good on youtube so until I sort that out (probally have to re tape them all 😦 )I figured I would make this post.

Otakon 2011
Yes its coming up super fast and I can’t wait. Some of the things I want to buy:
D Arts Megaman X
Revoltech Jehuty
Robot Damashii Tauburn

I will be camping out at the merchants room probally 1 hour or so before open hopefully I can get these three.
As far as Gunpla I think I might get a couple random kits anything that might look cool to me at the time. I know
I been contemplating on getting a Zaku of any form, PG Strike Gundam. Thats all I can think of at the moment
I have kits im still planning on building so until my backlog goes down a bit I’m not to hype about any more kits
gundam wise. I would love to get Kotobukiya Protoman as well.

I’m going to Cosplay as Tralfagar Law this year to Otakon hopefully I can pull it off so if time permits and the cosplay
comes out the way I want ill do it 🙂

Video Reviews
Nintendo 3DS, Street Fighter 4 3D, Kotobukiya Rockman, Couple more I plan to do as soon as I get my HD Camera
and find some time.

Kshatirya & Kshatriya Conversion are next in line. Then Master Gundam and Sinanju then whatever else I have left over lol
Still have Unicorn and 1/60 Force Impulse but I got some plans for them.

I have my compressor but time and money have not been on my side lately and it keeps getting pushed back on when I will buy
my actual airbrush but stay tuned hopefully soon 🙂

WIP Posts and Videos
Because I have been so busy lately I don’t think ill have time to do WIP (Work in Progress) Videos or Posts or Images anywhere on the net.
Doing this hopefully will free up sometime and ill just make sure to do proper video/photo shoots at the end. I will test this out and see how it
goes. And if anything if you want to see WIP pictures might be better off following me on twitter @MrCapcomDS then ill update everything
once the project is done.

Thats about it don’t forget to follow me on twitter ^_^ @MrCapcomDS

Kotobukiya Rockman Finished!

Ok its finished it seemed like it took forever but I will say why.
First of all I’m not gonna front I was demoralized into the ground. This kit being my first kotobukiya kit had tons of things I wasn’t used to and I did a couple new techniques as well.

Things I learned the hard way about Koto Kits

Koto Kits MUST BE Washed/Cleaned before painting.
I soaked them for two days because the kit right out of the box would pool paint like theres no tomorrow. NEVER Had these problems
with Bandai Kits.

I never primed in my life. All my gundams I used either Tamiya Paints or Krylon Fusion (has primer in it). I go to spray this kit
thinking everything was ok and bam pool party on my Rockman >_>

Koto Kits Don’t like Paint
What I mean by this? The parts on the kit are so tightly put together. There is little to no room on the kit for parts that constantly move. I.E
Arm joints and anything that moves WILL scrape the paint off. 😦 I dunno maybe if I used Tamiya instead of primer/krylon the paint wouldnt be
that thick but w/e was a learning experience. Be careful on spots that connect to each other if u paint too much they might not fit after. I don’t know if
I just should have primed the whole kit and somehow masked it to spray or it might have been better using a airbrush? Any Ideas are welcome.

New Techniques
Well really I tried to just hide seams and that involves plastic glue (the testors kind) and Sanding (testors beginners sandpaper)
It came out good but I messed up alot like i would sand prime then notice i needed to sand more or I would over prime and have extra paint. Then I would have to sand again prime again until it looked smooth smh

In the end as a display piece I think it came out good. It won’t be moved around alot. And I have to do some detailing on it but at this point im ready to move on to the next kit.

Click here for Direct Link: Kotobukiya Rockman
Or Read on (tons of pictures)

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