Trouble in MrCapcom Land

Yea its not that bad but a couple problems I see happening in the next couple months.

No Cosplay
Unfortunately I really haven’t had time to get my costume together for Otakon. So there is a high chance I won’t be able to cosplay as law for Otakon 😦 We will see though I still have a month and a couple weeks left to do it.

No Gundam Entry this Year at Otakon Sorta…
First of all everyone needs to realize there are 2 Gundam Competitions at Otakon. One is Otakon the second is BAKUC (hope i spelled it right) Basically the latter is Bandai’s competition. I was planning on entering Kshatriya in both bot problem is Rules for BAKUC says you can’t use conversion kits 😦 So thats cool and all but I can only enter 1 competition. So that means I will have to make another one and right now I’m not buying anymore kits till Otakon. Only thing I could use is my Sinanju and/or my Master Gundam. And while both are hot lets face it Sinanju is probally going to take awhile. Master Gundam is my next choice so I MIGHT build him but not to sure. This year I just had so much going on I really didnt have time to do the kits ahead of time. So I’m kinda rushing everything or at least putting alot on my plate. So ill do Kshatriya if I finish cool if I do’nt ill just use it somewhere else *kanye shrug*. For now im just going to have fun and build the kits if they get done in time for Otakon ill be happy but if not ill still be happy.

So its not that bad but I’m just hype to even go to Otakon this year and if I can’t do what I want to its cool still have some great stuff happening that weekend 🙂


2 Responses to “Trouble in MrCapcom Land”

  1. Flash Says:

    Master Gundam!

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