Supplies picked up and other Chatter

So I hit up Micheals and Walmart yesterday and picked up somethings

2 16GB Micro SD cards which I got for 20 each 🙂
Quicksteel and Testors Cement – Mainly for filling gaps etc in the resin kit
Ronsonol & Testos Enamel – Mainly for doing reverse washes
Primer – Love this primer its 6.99 but I use my 40% coupon at Micheals to bring it down more ^_^
Sand paper! – I just need a bunch of different grits for sanding

Thats about it I think ill start working on finishing cleaning the parts tonight. And if I have time ill prime everything and see what needs to be putty’d.
I know I told myself I was going to lay off the kits for awhile but man MG Epyon is looking too sexy.
Kinda makes me want to get one of the Wing Zero kits.
The New Wing Zero SD looks nice too
So I have to see if I’m going to go that route I also wanted SD Sinanju so my list is getting really big. Heres what I have so far

PG Strike
MG Epyon
MG Delta Plus
SD Sinanju
SD Wing Zero

There are a couple more HG/MG kits im looking at but not really sure if I want to buy them especially the HG’s because im kinda stay way from them.
HGUC 1/144 AMX-009 Dreissen – Unicorn Ver – Not liking some of the poses but the MS looks Awesome
MG 00 Quan[T] – I just know if I buy this they are going to release the one that can do the special move at the end of the movie
MG 00 raiser – Not really sold on the looks. My NG looks the same and there doesn’t seem to be that much detail to warranty a purchase IMO
RG Series – Not really feeling it at the moment if anything I would get the RG RX-78

Also I’m patiently awaiting for the next Gundam game

It will be awesome! June 23rd!


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