I made a couple videos that aren’t coming up that good on youtube so until I sort that out (probally have to re tape them all 😦 )I figured I would make this post.

Otakon 2011
Yes its coming up super fast and I can’t wait. Some of the things I want to buy:
D Arts Megaman X
Revoltech Jehuty
Robot Damashii Tauburn

I will be camping out at the merchants room probally 1 hour or so before open hopefully I can get these three.
As far as Gunpla I think I might get a couple random kits anything that might look cool to me at the time. I know
I been contemplating on getting a Zaku of any form, PG Strike Gundam. Thats all I can think of at the moment
I have kits im still planning on building so until my backlog goes down a bit I’m not to hype about any more kits
gundam wise. I would love to get Kotobukiya Protoman as well.

I’m going to Cosplay as Tralfagar Law this year to Otakon hopefully I can pull it off so if time permits and the cosplay
comes out the way I want ill do it 🙂

Video Reviews
Nintendo 3DS, Street Fighter 4 3D, Kotobukiya Rockman, Couple more I plan to do as soon as I get my HD Camera
and find some time.

Kshatirya & Kshatriya Conversion are next in line. Then Master Gundam and Sinanju then whatever else I have left over lol
Still have Unicorn and 1/60 Force Impulse but I got some plans for them.

I have my compressor but time and money have not been on my side lately and it keeps getting pushed back on when I will buy
my actual airbrush but stay tuned hopefully soon 🙂

WIP Posts and Videos
Because I have been so busy lately I don’t think ill have time to do WIP (Work in Progress) Videos or Posts or Images anywhere on the net.
Doing this hopefully will free up sometime and ill just make sure to do proper video/photo shoots at the end. I will test this out and see how it
goes. And if anything if you want to see WIP pictures might be better off following me on twitter @MrCapcomDS then ill update everything
once the project is done.

Thats about it don’t forget to follow me on twitter ^_^ @MrCapcomDS


Kotobukiya Rockman Finished!

Ok its finished it seemed like it took forever but I will say why.
First of all I’m not gonna front I was demoralized into the ground. This kit being my first kotobukiya kit had tons of things I wasn’t used to and I did a couple new techniques as well.

Things I learned the hard way about Koto Kits

Koto Kits MUST BE Washed/Cleaned before painting.
I soaked them for two days because the kit right out of the box would pool paint like theres no tomorrow. NEVER Had these problems
with Bandai Kits.

I never primed in my life. All my gundams I used either Tamiya Paints or Krylon Fusion (has primer in it). I go to spray this kit
thinking everything was ok and bam pool party on my Rockman >_>

Koto Kits Don’t like Paint
What I mean by this? The parts on the kit are so tightly put together. There is little to no room on the kit for parts that constantly move. I.E
Arm joints and anything that moves WILL scrape the paint off. 😦 I dunno maybe if I used Tamiya instead of primer/krylon the paint wouldnt be
that thick but w/e was a learning experience. Be careful on spots that connect to each other if u paint too much they might not fit after. I don’t know if
I just should have primed the whole kit and somehow masked it to spray or it might have been better using a airbrush? Any Ideas are welcome.

New Techniques
Well really I tried to just hide seams and that involves plastic glue (the testors kind) and Sanding (testors beginners sandpaper)
It came out good but I messed up alot like i would sand prime then notice i needed to sand more or I would over prime and have extra paint. Then I would have to sand again prime again until it looked smooth smh

In the end as a display piece I think it came out good. It won’t be moved around alot. And I have to do some detailing on it but at this point im ready to move on to the next kit.

Click here for Direct Link: Kotobukiya Rockman
Or Read on (tons of pictures)

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Little Update

Man its been awhile since I posted here so I figured I would do a little update.
First of Working on Rockman Kotobukiya.
This kit is such a learning experience. First I had problems with mold release oils. Then somehow I got the idea I wanted to hide the seams and ended up sanding all crazy and now im paiting and I see how lacquer pants need to cure more than I usually do because pieces rub on each other and the paint comes off :sigh: Then I had to test out different types of primer because I couldn’t find the right light blue. So now I kinda got everything worked out he should be done by the end of next week. I want to start Kshatriya but I’m thinking I might wait till I buy my Airbrush and do that but then its another learning experience from there lol I’m not 100% sure how or what I want to enter into Otakon’s Modeling Competition for the simple fact that I have so many techniques im doing I wouldn’t feel like the kit would be 100% up to there standards as well as mines. I’m trying to hold off on Kshatriya but I might just dive in.

Here are a couple pictures of Rockman



In other news heres a quick look at Koto Rockman Zero
So pre ordering this guy ^_^

As far as buying kits nothing really catches my eye other than Koto Protoman and Zero. I will start buying some more Resin Conversions and maybe a couple more MG’s which ones I dunno at this point.
Right now Can’t wait till I get my 3DS on the weekend and play some pokemon ^_^

The Tech Messenger
Just to advertise another blog I write for is http://thetechmessenger.com/ when u get a chance take a look at it. Cutting edge tech news by me and some fellow friends of mines. I will be putting all my non gundam/anime related stuff there such as Reviews on Android phones (Got my Thunderbolt YAY!) and my intial impressions of the 3DS unboxing etc will go up on that website since we focus on everything mobile. Take a look!

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Super Fighting Robot / Rough Week

I had a pretty rough week had fun and learned somethings at my assembly. I had two flat tires in the same spot so there goes my donut and my servers went down at work so I had to rush in there but I had no car >_> so I had to call in my inlaws. Everything seems to be evening out though so it should be ok come tonite. I did however get a chance to work on Rockman when I could. I opted to try to hide seams on Rockman and its coming out really well. I used Testors Cement and Testors little sanding paper for beginners which ill buy again and probally step up to some better stuff but it works great atm.
Couple of pictures


I think im going try hiding the seams on the bottom of Rockmans feet what you think? If I do ill have to sand the feet… again then bead some Cement and then sand wonder if it will work since its already put together. On another note Kotobukiya Kits are pretty well made I love them so far. JUST REMEMBER TO SOAK THE PIECES BEFORE PAINTING. This Kit was the first time I experienced Mold release Oil and it messed up my paint job really bad. Stay tuned for more WIP

Blog Design update

Man this is crazy between work and life I have zero time to update the actual design of the blog. I been messing around here and there but for a lack of better words my blog is gonna look like crap for awhile lol I’m gonna keep testing out themes and stuff but it hasn’t gotten exactly the way I want. So please bear with me. At this point ill keep updating it with pictures etc. This week is basically gone in my eyes but next week ill start on Kshatirya and hopefully finish Megaman. All I need to do is paint and assemble the guy but with the weather and my schedule I haven’t gotten a chance. I hopefully will find a Airbrush between sometime this week and next too ^_^ Peace


Ok So I have been super busy. So busy I haven’t finished getting the blog up to my standards but hopefully that will change. I have really been working and getting things ready for Otakon as far as the Gundam competition.

Koto Rockman
Finshed cleaning him and removing nubs now I just have to spray paint them. I picked up some sticky adhesive to put in his feet so I can spray them. I found out that his feet consist of 3 parts bottom, top, and a socket. But the way the bottom piece goes into upper part of the foot if I spray it un assembled you can see the color difference, since im spraying to a darker blue. Anywho what im going to do is assemble the foot then spray while its on a stick so i can get the top and bottom pieces. With all the Rain happening I wasn’t able to do it this weekend so maybe sometime this week.

I picked up these items on the weekend:

So now I am looking for a Airbrush and I brought a 06 Camero Model kit for 6 bucks from Micheals. I will use that car to test airbrushing on 🙂
Sometime this week or next week I will start Kshatriya too. If anything I think ill try to go ahead and clean and soak the resin parts. I already brought the paint for most of the kit. I need one more shade of green and I think im good.

Stay tuned for more pictures and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @MrCapcomDS

Cake anyone?

Shot out to my wife for the cake YUMMM!