HGUC Kshatriya Conversion WIP 1

So I started on this kit ^_^ And this is my first time doing a conversion kit. So I am super excited to do this. And hopefully it will come out awesome and ill end up buying at least 1 more Conversion.
So to start I have to soak the pieces there is tons of mold release on them. So I soak in the warm and soapy water. I been soaking them for the last two days because I been so busy. Every once in awhile ill go and shake up the container to get the bubbles up. When i’m finished hopefully everything is gone. If not ill go grab some degreaser (probally get some anyway though)

Darker areas are the mold release

After cleaning everything I noticed one of the pieces is going to need some major work. Here is the piece

So taking a look at it there is alot of spots on it that are messed up. here is what it suppose to look like:

So umm yea I need to figure out how to fix those holes (shoot me a email or comment if you have any suggestions)
I think first of all I probally will need to build just that back piece depending on how it goes onto the kit and just paint it as one piece and just go crazy with masking. Dunno yet but ill keep you posted.